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Lattice to Become the First Company to Introduce Digital Worker Employee Records
Jul 9, 2024
Lattice has made a groundbreaking announcement as the first company to introduce official employee records for digital workers. Recognizing the profound impact of AI on the global workforce, Lattice aims to ensure transparent and accountable integration of AI employees. CEO Sarah Franklin emphasizes the need to address the practical challenges of incorporating AI into the workforce. Lattice's platform will fully integrate AI workers into HR processes, including onboarding, performance management, and training. This initiative marks a pivotal moment in AI technology, transitioning AI employees from concept to reality. Lattice's comprehensive AI-powered HR solutions support over 5,000 businesses globally, enhancing operational efficiency and strategic HR management.

SAN FRANCISCOJuly 9, 2024 -- Today, Lattice makes AI history: The people platform is the first to give digital workers official employee records.

Lattice recognizes that AI represents an evolution in technology that will have a more significant impact than the birth of the internet, the cloud, and mobile phones. None of these had the societal implications that we face today with AI, where advancing technology has a direct impact on the shape and skills of the global workforce. And digital workers, or AI employees, are at the forefront of that impact. That's why Lattice is committing to helping businesses navigate the rise of the digital worker with transparency, accountability, and the success of people at the center.

"The conversation around digital workers has been theoretical – until now. The AI workforce is here, and Lattice believes that we need to fully understand what it looks like to integrate AI employees into the workforce to make sure we create transparent, responsible practices around hiring AI," said Sarah Franklin, Lattice CEO. "That's why we want to be the first to bring an AI employee through all the same steps as a human one – onboarding, goal setting, receiving feedback – to uncover the challenges we'll face with the AI workforce, and start to come up with practical solutions for our customers."

In addition to giving AI employees employee records, the Lattice platform will fully integrate digital workers into their HRIS product; adding them to org charts, so teams and departments understand where they sit, and why; onboarding these employees to ensure they understand their roles and their employers' brands; and offering them trainings as required for their roles. AI workers will have managers and will be held accountable to specific goals and standards using Lattice's platform, so employers can measure and assess their performance like with any other employee.

This marks a significant moment in the evolution of AI technology – the moment when the idea of an 'AI employee' moves from concept to reality. Lattice provides everything needed for fully AI-powered onboarding, performance management, compensation, payroll, growth, benefits, and content. Now, with Lattice, you have the ability to see people thriving and working together with AI.

"This is going to be a huge learning moment for us, and for the industry," Franklin said. "But now is the time to take steps to ensure that the success of people remain our true North as businesses and business leaders begin to work together with – and alongside – AI."

The future of work is already here. To learn more about Lattice's bold vision for the digital workforce, register for Lattiverse, the company's industry-leading HR conference on October 8.

About Lattice
Lattice 's people platform provides 5,000+ businesses worldwide with AI-powered HR solutions designed to help them become operationally excellent. Combining an HRIS with continuous performance management, employee engagement surveys, compensation management, career development tools, and more, Lattice's platform reduces administrative work for HR teams allowing them to invest more time in building the right, data-informed strategies that accelerate business results. With offices in North America and the UK, Lattice serves with world's most strategic HR teams including Slack, Gusto, Intercom, Ramp, Calm, NPR, Tide, and more.

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