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Amplify Your HR Brand Voice to the World:
DHRmap Membership - Just $9,800/Year
  • Brand Column:
    Get a year-long brand column on DHRmap's site, showcasing your brand to the global HR community.
  • Continuous Exposure:
    Your brand stays visible throughout the year in your dedicated column.
  • Social Media Promotion:
    Each article comes with a promotional poster highlight your brand, shared across DHRmap's social media for wider reach.
  • Unlimited Publishing:
    Post as many articles as you want throughout the year to keep engaging your audience.
  • Membership Perks:
    Includes the registration fees for two awards, adding up to $2,000 in value, to boost your brand's recognition.
  • Invest in Your Brand's Future, Today!
    Contact Us:
    Have questions? We're here to answer! Reach out at email [annie@dhrmap.com], we would love to help you.
    What does the Brand Column look like?

    You can visit our website's dedicated "Brand Column" section at https://www.dhrmap.com/column/ to see examples of how these columns are formatted and displayed. Each article you publish will automatically generate a branded poster that gets shared with the DHRmap community, maximizing your reach.

    What's the collaboration process?

    It's simple! Here's the step-by-step breakdown:

    1. Submit your request: Fill out the application form on our website or contact us directly.
    2. Confirmation and invoice: We'll confirm your request and send you a clear and detailed invoice.
    3. Payment: Process your payment securely through our trusted payment gateway.
    4. Brand assets: Share your logo, company/product brief, desired banner image, and content links.
    5. Column setup: Our team will set up your dedicated Brand Column for your review and approval.
    6. Go live! Once you're happy, your column goes live, showcasing your brand to the DHRmap community.

    What information do I need to provide for my Brand Column?

    We'll need:

    Your brand logo: In high-resolution format (e.g., PNG, SVG).
    Brand/company/product brief: A concise overview of your brand, including its mission, values, and target audience.
    Banner image: A visually appealing image that represents your brand and captures attention.
    Content links: Links to your blog posts, articles, or other content you want to showcase.

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