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Congratulations to the 2024 TOP HRTech Brands Winners!
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Being listed as a 2024 Top HRTech Brand not only places your brand on the DHRmap market map all year long but also features it on DHRmap's website and across our social communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, and X.com. This recognition serves as a powerful endorsement, enhancing brand visibility and strengthening your brand image. Below is a sample for the ATS category. Click here to view more.
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A $599 -1 Digital Award Certificate (PDF); - 1 time Recognition on DHRmap’s social communities (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
B $899 - 2 Digital Award Certificates (PDF); Double recognitions on DHRmap’s social communities (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
C $1,299 - 3 Digital Award Certificates (PDF);-3 times of Recognitions on DHRmap’s social communities (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter);1 Promotional articles release on DHRmap website
D $9,800 - One year exclusive column featuring your company and products ;
- Publish up to 30 articles over a year for sustained brand exposure;
- Showcase the brand logo for up to one year,enhance your brand visibility and Brand consistency;
- Not only 2-3 recognitions in one year,but also gain DHRmap's long-term strong support and continuous shouting for the brand!

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About the HRTech TOP Brands

The 2024 DHRmap Top HRTech Brands recognition is an initiative by the leading HRTech media outlet, DHRMap.com, aimed at assisting HR executives worldwide in navigating the vast ocean of HR tech products. DHRmap commits to publishing the digital HR Brands and market map biannually (typically in June-July and December-January) to capture the latest market trends accurately. The selection process involves the DHRMap editorial team's meticulous evaluation of various factors, including brand presence, financial strength, product innovation, market influence, and ratings on third-party platforms.

In the era of the HR tech revolution, HR professionals face the challenge of keeping up with the rapidly evolving landscape and differentiating among brands. DHRmap's announcement of the 2024 Top HRTech Brands aims to clarify the global HR tech market, empowering HR tech buyers to make informed decisions with confidence. Congratulations to the standout brands recognized on the DHRmap platform!

About DHRmap

From our headquarters in Dallas, Texas, DHRmap.com serves as a dynamic connector in the HRtech industry. We bring together funding news, product information, events, awards, and insights from leading voices in HRtech. Our exclusive DHRmap market map, a first-of-its-kind resource, is continually updated to reflect the pulse of the industry. With a focus on both organizational alignment and individual career advancement, DHRmap.com is committed to delivering the HRtech knowledge that fuels success in a rapidly changing world.

DHRmap Citation Policy

Congratulations on being named a 2024 HRTech Top Brand!

You're welcome to showcase this prestigious badge on your website, in press releases, blogs, emails, across social media platforms, and in your sales materials. To maintain the badge's value and recognition, please do not alter its shape, color, or wording. Don't forget to tag us in your award promotions, so we can share it with our audience too!

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