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Zappyhire Launches ZappyVue: Revolutionizing US Talent Acquisition with Automated Video Interviewing
Jul 2, 2024
Zappyhire, a leading provider of AI-powered recruitment automation software, has launched ZappyVue in the US. This innovative automated video interviewing platform aims to revolutionize talent acquisition by enhancing the efficiency of screening candidates and conducting remote job interviews. ZappyVue integrates seamlessly with existing HRMS and ATS systems, providing advanced features like language proficiency assessment, automatic scoring, and tailored technical interview facilitation. Co-founders Deepu Xavier and Jyothis KS emphasize ZappyVue's potential to streamline hiring processes and improve candidate experience. The platform is designed with robust privacy, security, and compliance measures to meet enterprise needs.

KOCHI, India and SAN FRANCISCOJuly 2, 2024  -- Zappyhire, a leading provider of AI-powered recruitment automation software, today announced the US launch of its groundbreaking solution, ZappyVue Automated Video Interviewing Platform.

With a strong presence in India, Zappyhire's cutting-edge solution expands to the US, revolutionizing talent acquisition by tackling inefficient interviews and negative candidate experiences.

In the competitive US job market, organizations face significant hurdles in attracting and screening top talent. ZappyVue provides an advanced solution for screening candidates and conducting remote job interviews, delivering a seamless experience for both parties. It easily integrates with existing enterprise HRMS and ATS systems, ensuring compatibility with the US market's diverse technology landscape.

"The future of hiring is virtual, and ZappyVue is at the forefront of this transformation," said Deepu Xavier, Co-founder of Zappyhire and Economic Times Young Leader. "Our platform empowers American organizations to streamline processes and secure the best talent." Xavier, also an ex-Principal Product Manager of Java Programming Language, brings extensive experience from Infosys. Jyothis KS, Co-founder of Zappyhire and ex-COO of Cognicor, a Spanish AI chatbot company, added, "ZappyVue represents our commitment to innovation. We're excited to bring this solution to the US market, helping companies revolutionize their hiring processes." Jyothis also brings valuable experience from Infosys and Cognizant.

Key advantages of ZappyVue include:

  • Advanced knowledge analysis

  • Language proficiency assessment with 98% accuracy

  • Automatic scoring based on customized criteria

  • Tailored technical interview facilitation

  • Reduced time-to-hire by up to 70%

ZappyVue integrates with Zappyhire's existing recruitment automation solutions and features a mobile-first design for consistent engagement across devices.

As Zappyhire deepens its US presence, early adopters are already benefiting from ZappyVue's advanced features. It is designed with robust privacy, security, and compliance measures, meeting enterprises' evolving needs, while ensuring data protection and regulatory adherence.

Zappyhire has established a strong global footprint, working with notable companies like Maruti Suzuki, PTC Industries, Shaadi.com, and ESAF Small Finance Bank in India. This launch fortifies Zappyhire's position in the US recruitment technology market.

About Zappyhire

Zappyhire is a leading AI-powered recruitment automation software facilitating efficient talent acquisition solutions worldwide. Ideal for enterprises, it streamlines recruitment, reduces time/cost-to-hire, and elevates onboarded talent quality. With features like video interviews, AI assessments, chatbots, and resume parsing, Zappyhire ensures a seamless recruiting experience.

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