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LinkUp Launches Compass, a Visual Multitool for Job Market Insight
Apr 17, 2024
LinkUp has launched Compass, a digital toolset that offers real-time analysis of labor demand using their extensive dataset of job openings, dating back to 2007 and updated daily. This platform provides users with interactive, presentation-grade visualizations without the need for complex data processing or coding. The initial product, the U.S. Macro Dashboard, presents deep insights into the U.S. job market, enabling faster, more accurate analysis than traditional survey-based data like Non-farm payrolls and JOLTs reports. Compass offers features such as detailed geographic, industry, and sector analysis, and intends to expand with more focused tools in the future.

MINNEAPOLIS--LinkUp, the leading provider of global job market data, announced the release today of Compass—an intuitive digital toolset for analyzing labor demand in real time and living color.

The platform is powered by LinkUp’s comprehensive dataset of hundreds of millions of job openings, sourced directly from employer websites and updated daily since 2007. For the first time, users now have access to interactive and presentation-grade visual renderings of LinkUp’s raw data—without the usual requirements of data infrastructure, ingestion processes, spreadsheets, or coding.

“Compass allows users to query a huge dataset spontaneously through an intuitive interface—doing a fast thesis check on an idea,” said Jon Norberg, LinkUp’s Chief Strategy Officer. “But it also has enough versatility to employ multiple filters in a structured approach to yield detail and nuanced comparisons. Compass can cater to a wide variety of analytical approaches and workflows.”

The Best in U.S. Macro Insight:

LinkUp is opening its line of Compass products with the U.S. Macro Dashboard, a robust set of analytics measuring millions of job openings across the full scope of the U.S. job market. The product delivers both monthly and weekly labor demand data—providing top-down insights on U.S. job growth up to weeks faster than the Non-farm payrolls (NFP) & JOLTs reports released with a month’s lag time by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

From LinkUp’s CEO, Toby Dayton: “Today there’s just no reason to be solely reliant on lagged, increasingly suspect survey-based data. With LinkUp Compass and our incredibly powerful and accessible job market data sourced daily directly from employer websites, we deliver deep, forward-looking insights into what’s driving the job market and, as a result, the U.S. and even the global economy as a whole.”

Key Features of Compass U.S. Macro Dashboard:

  • Macro Insight. Track monthly and weekly active job openings across the entire spectrum of the U.S. economy.

  • Geographic Coverage. Investigate labor demand at a national, state, city, and ZIP-code level.

  • Granularity. Evaluate openings by Industry and Occupation for a zoomed in view of economic growth.

  • Sector Breakdowns. See demand indexed by Goods vs. Service jobs and by White-Collar vs. Blue-Collar openings.

  • Time to Hire. Leverage average Closed Duration of job openings as a proxy for hiring velocity across regions and sectors.

  • BLS Employment & Macro Data aggregated and visualized in one place, including over 25 employment-related data series from the BLS.

In coming months, LinkUp plans additional releases via its Compass platform, including products focused on individual employers, both public and private, as well as specific industry verticals to provide deep, granular insight into labor demand.

The release of Compass signals a new phase in LinkUp’s mission to provide the most accurate insights on the job market at unprecedented speed. LinkUp Product Chief Jill Deuel says that the Macro Dashboard is “just the beginning, as we continue to expand the new platform to create products that offer our clients even greater insight into the data that matters most to them.”

About LinkUp

LinkUp combines more than 20 years of experience in human capital management and employment data with proprietary technology that indexes millions of job listings directly from employer websites around the world, updated every day. From this unique jobs dataset, LinkUp provides clients with actionable insights into the global labor market at the macroeconomic to individual company level or across themes, skills, products, and technologies.
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