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A.Team Launches "Team Formation AI" to Hire Specialized Tech Talent in Minutes -- Not Months
Jun 26, 2024

A.Team has introduced Team Formation AI, a generative AI platform that allows corporate leaders to quickly assemble elite tech teams from a network of over 11,000 vetted product builders. Designed to streamline hiring and supercharge innovation initiatives, the platform matches tech leaders with the right talent in minutes, significantly reducing the time and effort typically spent on hiring. Using advanced algorithms and behavioral science, Team Formation AI provides curated recommendations based on extensive vetting processes. This tool aims to transform the traditional hiring model, benefiting both hiring managers and independent tech workers by facilitating rapid and efficient team formation.

Corporate leaders can instantly assemble teams of elite tech talent from A.Team's growing network of over 11,000 independent product builders

NEW YORKJune 26, 2024 -- Today, A.Team unveiled the first-ever Team Formation AI — a generative AI platform that enables tech leaders to build curated teams of Silicon Valley tech talent from the A.Team network.

Team Formation AI is designed to solve two crucial problems for industry leaders: supercharging their teams with vetted, specialized talent to advance their most urgent innovation initiatives, and accelerating a hiring process that takes months and is burning out hiring managers. With Team Formation AI, industry leaders can source top talent in minutes and hire within days.

Here's how it works: You tell Team Formation AI who you are and what you're building — e.g., "I'm building a B2C mobile banking app" — and it will instantly scope each of the roles you need for your team and recommend engineers, product managers, data scientists, and designers from the A.Team network with the optimal skills, experience, and ability to work well with your team.

The Team Formation AI's curated recommendations are powered by A.Team's proprietary TeamGraph algorithm, which uses behavioral science and machine learning to assemble ultra-productive teams that hit the ground running and ship products fast. Unlike HR tech platforms that claim to evaluate skills using AI, Team Formation AI goes much deeper than just a resume scan. It's informed by several rounds of technical and interpersonal interviews, performance across over 10,000 projects, and the skills and social graph of the talent in the A.Team network, which only accepts the top 2% of applicants.

Hiring managers can even talk to an AI "talent agent" representing each product builder in the A.Team network to ask detailed first-round interview questions about each candidate's skills, experience, and work preferences. Once a hiring manager has selected a short-list of builders for their team, they can request real-life interviews with them.

Team Formation AI improves the hiring experience on both sides. Hiring managers get access to best-in-class talent that they can onboard in days, not months. And independent tech workers get an AI that won't take their jobs; instead, it'll get work for them.

Team Formation AI comes at a crucial time for industry leaders. Generative AI has kickstarted a digital transformation arms race across industries and disciplines, with industry leaders scrambling to attract specialized product and engineering talent. Simultaneously, generative AI is straining an already broken hiring system, with a deluge of generative AI applications grinding the gears of traditional hiring to a haltOver two-thirds of tech founders and execs think the traditional hiring model is broken; on average, they spend more than four months hiring top product and engineering talent for their teams.

Team Formation AI accelerates that process from months to minutes, assembling a dream team of tech talent that hiring managers can scale up and down based on their roadmap. And unlike open hiring platforms, where you have no idea if the candidates you're meeting are legitimate or if they faked their application with generative AI, every member of the A.Team network has undergone rigorous vetting before being surfaced to you.

Darren Murph, named the "oracle of remote work" by CNBC and to Forbes' Future of Work 50 list, leads technology strategy at Ford Motor Company. He's been an early user of Team Formation AI and believes it will transform hiring and the future of work for the better.

"Team Formation AI liberates leaders to focus their energy on articulating the scope of a business challenge rather than guessing at how to solve it — and it instantly gives you the best talent to tackle it," said Murph.

Team Formation AI builds on a future of work movement that's propelled A.Team's growth over the past few years. When A.Team launched out of stealth in 2022 with $60M in funding from industry and cultural leaders like Insight Partners, Adam Grant, and Jay-Z's Roc Nation, highly-skilled tech workers were rapidly ditching full-time work models in favor of the freedom and autonomy of independent work.

The network has since grown to over 11,000 product builders as more workers ditch full-time employment and over 70% of industry leaders adopt the rising trend of "hybrid teams" to drive forward key innovation initiatives while reducing fixed costs. A.Team has been a tech talent haven for over 500 companies like HCA, Lyft, McGraw Hill, Grindr, D-ID, and Lifepoint Health that have assembled high-performing teams to build transformative products.

"Originally, we thought this would take us years to build, but with the rise of generative AI over the past 18 months, everything changed," said A.Team co-founder and CEO Raphael Ouzan. "Team Formation AI is putting the full power of A.Team in the hands of our clients. Generative AI is poised to disrupt labor-intensive processes like talent acquisition and team building, and we're excited to be forging an entirely new way for companies to quickly build high-performing teams."

A.Team launched Team Formation AI as an experimental feature today, and the company invites tech leaders to try it out at a.team/ai. To provide feedback on the tool or to meet and learn more, contact ai@a.team.

About A.Team 
A.Team enables industry leaders to instantly assemble high-performing teams to build transformative products. Powered by the world's first Team Formation AI and a curated network of over 11,000 independent Silicon Valley engineers, product managers, designers, and marketers, A.Team has become a tech talent haven for over 500 companies such as Lyft, McGraw Hill, Grindr, Lifepoint Health and more. Backed by $60M in funding from industry leaders like Insight Partners, Adam Grant, and Jay-Z's Roc Nation, A.Team is forging a new vision for the future of work. For more information, visit a.team.
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