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Take2 AI Raises $3M Seed Round Led by Reach Capital & SemperVirens to Transform Sales Recruiting Using AI-Powered Job Simulations
Apr 16, 2024

Take2 AI, a New York-based company specializing in AI-powered job simulations for sales recruiting, has secured $3 million in seed funding from Reach Capital and SemperVirens, with contributions from other notable investors. The platform aims to transform the recruitment process by providing tailored simulations that assess applicants' skills, behavior, and cultural fit, reducing reliance on traditional resumes. This approach has demonstrated significant reductions in short-term attrition rates and hiring times for its clients.

Take2 AI Raises $3M Seed Round Led by Reach Capital & SemperVirens to Transform Sales Recruiting Using AI-Powered Job Simulations

NEW YORK, NY  April 16, 2024 / Take2 AI, the AI-powered job simulation platform for sales recruiting, announced it has closed a $3 million seed round led by Reach Capital & SemperVirens, with participation from other Silicon Valley-based venture funds, Techstars and HR leaders from Visa, Disney, HP & Google.

Based in New York, Take2 AI is on a mission to reinvent how companies recruit talent for high volume sales roles, which account for roughly 14% of all jobs in the U.S. Employers spend countless hours reviewing applications and struggle to effectively vet the viability of candidates. This results in very high short-term attrition: one in three salespeople churn each year, 3x more than any other occupation.

Take2 AI is solving this problem by generating tailor-made simulations of real-world sales scenarios that help vet job applicants for skills, behavioral attributes and culture fit. By leveraging generative AI, Take2 AI recreates company and role specific sales scenarios that not only immerse job applicants in the role, but also provide high-signal performance data to employers - a game changer for high-volume sales roles.

The two founders, Kaushik Narasimhan and Yaniv Shimoni, met at Stanford Graduate School of Business and have deep expertise building and scaling sales teams. They started Take2 AI based on insights from research on skills-based hiring they conducted at Stanford University.

"There has been so much buzz around skills-based hiring in recent years, yet most employers still heavily rely on resumes. In high-volume sales roles particularly, resumes are not helpful at predicting fit, leading to extremely high short-term attrition" said Yaniv Shimoni, co-founder at Take2 AI.

"Take2 is enabling organizations to easily assess on-the-job skills and creates a compelling experience for candidates to showcase their abilities through job simulations", said Prasad Setty, former Vice President of People Operations at Google. "Easy to set up, scalable, thoughtful integration of Gen AI - Take2 AI hits all the key notes. This is the kind of HR tech we need and want."

One of Take2's customers, a large solar energy company, saw the 90-day attrition of their sales representatives fall from 58% to 15% within four months of using Take2 AI. This had a profound impact, not only allowing them to build their sales team faster and hit quota, but also reducing their time-to-hire by eliminating two rounds of interviews from their recruiting process.

"Skills-based hiring tools play a critical role in realigning incentives of employers and employees", said Allison Baum Gates, General Partner at SemperVirens. "Take2 AI is improving hiring outcomes and creating new pathways for candidates that might be otherwise overlooked in the hiring process."

"We are very bullish on skill-based hiring," added Esteban Sosnik, General Partner at Reach Capital. "Take2 AI brings a novel approach to recruiting that is scalable and timely given the advancements in Generative AI. Being able to put candidates in front of real-world sales simulations results in better assessment of candidates for companies and better fit for employees, leading to a win-win and clear ROI to both parties."


Take2 AI is an AI-powered job simulation platform for sales recruiting that helps companies generate tailor-made simulations of real-world sales scenarios that vet job applicants for skills, behavioral attributes and culture fit. Take2 AI enables companies to minimize their mis-hires and improve employee retention.

Email: hello@take2.ai
Website: https://www.take2.ai/

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