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Net Promoter Score
WorkTango Appoints Monique McDonough as Chief Executive Officer
AUSTIN, Texas, June 03, 2024- WorkTango, an award-winning employee experience platform, today announced the appointment of Monique McDonough as Chief Executive Officer. McDonough, who previously served as Chief Operating Officer at WorkTango from 2021-2024, succeeds Patrick Manzo, who is stepping do
Jun 3, 2024
Net Promoter Score
Boost Employee Happiness with AI: BambooHR Unveils Cutting-Edge eNPS Insights
BambooHR introduces an innovative AI-powered feature to its cloud-based HR platform, aiming to revolutionize how companies gauge and improve employee satisfaction. The new AI Topic Summaries for eNPS enable efficient analysis of employee feedback, providing detailed reports that categorize sentiment
Feb 15, 2024
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