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Workhuman Revolutionizes Workplace Insights, Launches Industry-First AI Assistant Powered by Unique Employee Recognition Data
Apr 16, 2024
Workhuman® has introduced a revolutionary feature to its Workhuman iQ platform – a generative AI assistant. This tool leverages AI to provide HR and business leaders with dynamic, real-time organizational insights derived from unique, proprietary social recognition program data. The AI assistant acts as a virtual consultant, offering precise and immediate answers to complex queries regarding team dynamics, performance, and cultural health, thus empowering leaders to make informed decisions quickly. Workhuman’s generative AI not only simplifies data analysis but also enhances decision-making in real-time, making it a significant innovation in HR technology.

This ground-breaking innovation uncovers profound, previously hidden organizational insights on skills, performance, culture, DE&I, and more through a Generative AI interface

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. & DUBLIN--Workhuman®, the company revolutionizing the way employees celebrate, connect with and appreciate each other in the workplace, has unveiled the latest innovation in its platform – the addition of a generative artificial intelligence (AI) assistant to its cultural [workforce] intelligence tool, Workhuman iQ. For HR and business leaders who struggle to access organizational insights, often buried in static, incomplete, and cumbersome data analytics systems, Workhuman iQ will offer an intuitive generative AI interface that surfaces dynamic and actionable answers and insights powered by an organization’s rich, authentic, and unique Social Recognition program data, and Workhuman’s 25 years of culture and recognition research.

Workhuman iQ is the only solution in the industry that provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s people dynamics, performance and skills, state of cultural health, and where and how work is getting done. Workhuman’s new AI Assistant within Workhuman iQ leverages the world’s first recognition-specific language model, built by Workhuman, and uses data from a customer’s own recognition program to provide real-time insight that can inform decisive actions to maximize people and business results. This innovation allows people managers and business leaders to quickly and easily get accurate and interactive answers to many types of employee, team, department, and organization-level questions, such as, “who within the organization is demonstrating our company values” or “what is the current skills profile of my team?” or “what impact is employee recognition having on top-talent or overall retention in my department” or “who are the best internal candidates for this role?” The AI Assistant provides highly accurate responses putting answers at the fingertips of those who need them most, without the need for even more technology or even more data analytics expertise.

Transforming the way companies monitor and enhance their culture, Workhuman iQ leverages proprietary algorithms and AI to analyze data within the Workhuman platform, offering leaders and managers clear insights into the state of their culture and talent. Acting as a virtual consultant and a single source of truth, AI Assistant and Workhuman iQ go beyond reporting, uncovering previously hidden workplace insights and providing unparalleled insights into people dynamics, performance, skills, and more, empowering leaders to make informed and strategic decisions. The manual and labor-intensive process of generating actionable insights is replaced with real-time, on-demand trends, patterns, and precise answers to people and organizational questions.

“AI is changing the way work gets done, and with the introduction of generative AI tools within programs that generate significant data, it opens the door for people without analytics backgrounds to easily access information it would have otherwise taken them days or weeks to uncover,” said Kevin Heinzelman, Workhuman Head of Product Management. “Workhuman iQ analyzes an organization’s unique recognition data and surfaces personalized, recommended actions based on identified patterns to help managers make informed decisions and foster an encouraging environment – further driving optimal team engagement, retention, and performance. Our solution equips managers with the information they need to better support their team and induces them to take a more proactive role in shaping culture, and our AI assistant takes those analytics capabilities to the next level.”

The new AI assistant comes on the heels of additional innovations in the Workhuman Platform, Admin Hub and Automated Welcome Awards, which significantly improve and empower the Social Recognition Program Manager experience.

Workhuman iQ empowers HR leaders and people managers to measure recognition programs, track culture and engagement, measure skills and performance, and actively know how to improve every day. To learn more, please visit: www.workhuman.com/capabilities/workhuman-iq.

About Workhuman 

Workhuman® is helping companies meet today’s biggest human capital challenges – including unprecedented turnover, employee engagement, hybrid work environments, and DEI – through the Workhuman Cloud®, a secure SaaS platform that provides the industry’s best-in-class Social Recognition® solution. As the leading global provider of technology solutions, analytics, expertise, and services helping organizations of all sizes build and foster workplace cultures powered by employee recognition and crowdsourced feedback, Workhuman is revolutionizing the way employees celebrate, connect with, and appreciate each other in the workplace. Combined with unmatched data through iQ, we empower HR and business leaders with proactive insight to understand issues as they develop and tools to help them make the right decisions to align business objectives and culture to deliver immediate impact. And, with world-class award redemption from our proprietary global e-commerce network, Workhuman is committed to building more connected human-centered workplaces that recognize the value and potential of each and every employee.​​

For more than 20 years, Workhuman has been pioneering the human workplace by disrupting legacy and obsolete HR approaches to improve the employee experience at work, with solutions that engage with approx. seven million customer employees in 30+ languages, in 180 countries, generating 100 million instances of human connection. With dual headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and Framingham, Massachusetts, Workhuman deploys solutions and services at scale and is committed to helping companies improve returns on their most important investment– their people. For more information, please visit www.workhuman.com
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