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ServiceNow acquires Advance Solutions IP to enhance talent acquisition experience
May 8, 2024
ServiceNow has acquired Intella, an end-to-end talent acquisition solution from Advance Solutions Corp., to enhance its Now Platform. This acquisition streamlines the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes, integrating these functions into a single platform driven by AI to improve efficiency and reduce bias. Gaurav Kochhar, CEO of Advance Solutions, emphasizes the strategic benefits of this integration for global customers. This move is part of ServiceNow's ongoing effort to enrich employee experiences and strengthen its partner ecosystem.

In a significant move to enhance its human resources technology offerings, ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company, has officially acquired Intella, an innovative talent acquisition solution developed by Advance Solutions Corp. This acquisition marks a pivotal step in ServiceNow's strategy to expand its comprehensive suite of HR tools and underscores its commitment to transforming employee experiences across various industries.

Intella, known for its seamless integration capabilities with the Now Platform®, offers a robust solution that simplifies and accelerates each phase of the recruitment process. By incorporating Intella into its ecosystem, ServiceNow aims to create a frictionless, end-to-end employee lifecycle experience, which is becoming increasingly vital as businesses seek more efficient ways to manage talent amid a rapidly changing workforce landscape.

Gaurav Kochhar, CEO of Advance Solutions, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, "Integrating our specialized talent acquisition tool with ServiceNow is a milestone that showcases our expertise and solidifies the strength of the Now Platform as a top-tier enterprise application development platform." He highlighted the potential for this integration to significantly enhance the employee experience for customers worldwide.

The acquisition responds to growing customer demands for streamlined HR processes, as many organizations already leveraging ServiceNow for employee onboarding and HR support are eager to consolidate additional employee-related workflows onto the Now Platform. This move is expected to offer organizations the agility to adapt to hiring needs swiftly and more effectively.

ServiceNow's acquisition of Intella is not just about enhancing software capabilities but also about leveraging Advance Solutions’ established expertise in strategic consulting and solution implementation. The synergy between the two companies is anticipated to drive innovation and extend the capabilities of the Now Platform, providing a unified system that manages recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes, all powered by AI. This integration promises to reduce bias in hiring, accelerate candidate evaluation, and streamline the transition from candidate to employee.

Looking ahead, ServiceNow continues to invest heavily in its partner ecosystem, which is crucial for ongoing innovation and growth. The acquisition of Intella aligns with ServiceNow's broader strategy to enhance its employee experience offerings and expand its influence in the HR tech space.

As ServiceNow integrates Intella's technology, the company is poised to set new benchmarks for efficiency and inclusivity in talent management, further shaping the future of work for its global customer base. This strategic acquisition not only reflects ServiceNow's commitment to enhancing its technology stack but also its dedication to supporting and evolving with its partners and clients in the ever-dynamic digital landscape.
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