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Josh Bersin Company Launches AI Assistant Galileo™ to Transform HR Management
May 20, 2024
At Irresistible 2024, The Josh Bersin Company announced the general availability of Galileo™, an AI assistant designed to support HR professionals. Galileo is already in use by over 10,000 HR professionals across more than 60 Global 2000 organizations, helping manage HR tasks and saving significant time. Built on 25 years of Josh Bersin Company expertise, Galileo provides instant access to a vast array of HR knowledge, including research, frameworks, and benchmarks. The assistant's capabilities are enhanced by integrations with trusted content partners like Visier and Oyster. Galileo supports multiple languages and can be customized with company-specific content, ensuring comprehensive and accurate HR solutions.

  • More than 60 Global 2000 organizations are now actively using The Josh Bersin Company's AI assistant, Galileo

  • Over 10,000 HR professionals serving organizations with more than $1.3 Trillion in revenue and more than 3.5 million employees are now using Galileo

  • Average HR managers report savings of more than an hour a day addressing business-critical management, leadership, and HR issues

OAKLAND, Calif.May 20, 2024 - Today, at the Irresistible 2024: The Global Conference for HR Leaders and Their Teams, the world's most trusted human capital advisory firm, The Josh Bersin Company, formally launched general availability of Galileo™.

An AI assistant trained in over 25 years of The Josh Bersin Company expertise and content, Galileo has now been deployed to over 60 large enterprise clients. That means it is already saving HR and management teams days per week on their HR design, implementation, and daily work.

More than 10,000 HR professionals are already using Galileo to improve their hiring, talent management, leadership, and management practices.

Via its easy-to-use interface, HR teams also benefit from receiving natural language answers to any HR or management question via instant interrogation of the entire corpus of Josh Bersin Company's accumulated intellectual property.

This includes research, in-depth maturity models, frameworks, benchmarks, videos, podcasts, case studies, and more—all forming the basis for informed guidance to today's most pressing workplace problems. Galileo is an HR "consultant," able to help managers find information, research vendors, evaluate designs, create RFPs, and stay current on labor market and HR trends.

And in a separate announcement, the company also introduced the Galileo Trusted Content Partner Program, with availability of industry turnover and span of control benchmarks from Visier, global employment practices from Oyster, critical skills by job role from Lightcast, and leadership frameworks from Heidrick & Struggles.

Galileo's deep functionality is built on Sana AI, the highly configurable AI assistant platform from co-developer and European AI leader, Sana.

Galileo can also import any form of corporate HR documentation, leadership models, compliance practices, and even corporate training content. This lets companies like Rolls Royce and others turn Galileo into its internal HR assistant, providing relevant information and advice to any HR professional, line manager, or senior leader.

Users, teams, and organizations can also add their own company content, create private workspaces where data and privacy are protected, and build multiple AI assistants customized to specific HR disciplines, like Talent Acquisition, L&D, and DEI.

Built on the trusted corpus of JBC research and information, Galileo is generally available to any organization around the world. The system provides HR and leadership support in 60 languages and can quickly be integrated into any IT environment.

And unlike open-sourced AI platforms, Galileo provides inline attribution and direct linking to all its sources and includes no "non-trusted" information from the open internet.

An organization already benefiting from its use is multinational civil aerospace and defense engineering company Rolls-Royce plc.

Mary Glowacka, Head of Learning & Leadership Development at Rolls-Royce and a Galileo early adopter, says:

"As a truly people-first organization, where capability development agility is at the core of enabling and empowering colleagues to be at their best, Rolls-Royce recognizes just how critical it is to equip teams with the right skills and tools to help them meet those daily demands.

"Dynamic, user-friendly, and highly adaptable, Galileo really makes the HR professional's day-to-day life so much easier. I particularly appreciate the advanced prompts that help you discover even more insights and ask better questions that I may have not thought of myself, thus really enhancing my capabilities. Plus, the time saved through finding these answers so quickly means time freed up for more and better quality strategic conversations.

"The Galileo intelligent HR assistant also acts as an initial 'thought partner' that's accessible on-demand while other trusted partners of mine may not be immediately available to interact."

Attendees at Irresistible 2024 will have the opportunity to engage with the development partner team from Sana, while Glowacka is set to share insights into the company's pioneering use of the tool in its AI-empowered HR plans.

Josh Bersin, global HR industry analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, says:

"Right from the start, we architected Galileo to be the HR team's new tireless expert and virtual HR assistant—always up to date on the very latest HR trends, benchmarks, thought leadership, best practice, Josh Bersin Company insights, and vendor market intelligence.

"I'm delighted at how extensively it's already accomplished that mission at these tier-one brands, and to surface some of these early Galileo wins here on-stage at Irresistible 2024."

About The Josh Bersin Company

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Thanks to our understanding of workplace issues, informed by the largest, and most up-to-date data sets on workers and employees, we give leaders the confidence to make decisions in line with latest thinking and evidence about work and the workplace. We're great listeners, too. There's no one like us, who understands this area so comprehensively and without bias.

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About Galileo

Launched in Spring 2024 and now used by more than 100 of the world's largest organizations, Galileo™ is the industry's leading AI-powered expert assistant specifically developed for HR. Trained exclusively on 25 years of Josh Bersin Company research, insights, and expertise and enriched by carefully curated material from our trusted content partners, Galileo unlocks information from over 50,000 verified assets to answer any HR-related question with timely and meaningful answers.

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