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JobGet Acquires Wirkn to Expand Retail Footprint
Jun 10, 2024
JobGet, a rapidly growing app-first hiring platform, announced its acquisition of Wirkn, a key player in frontline worker recruitment. This acquisition will allow JobGet to enhance its reach in the mall, retail, and restaurant sectors, utilizing Wirkn’s network of over 17,000 locations. Leveraging an AI-driven approach, JobGet aims to improve job-seeker matching and hiring efficiency, while also expanding its specialized services for the everyday workforce. This move is seen as a step forward in enhancing the hiring landscape for both employers and job seekers in various industries.

The acquisition of a leading platform for hiring frontline workers in malls will enable JobGet to connect millions of additional Everyday Workers with jobs in retail, hospitality, food service, and more.

BOSTON, JUNE 10, 2024 — JobGet, the fastest-growing app-first hiring platform connecting over 70 million Everyday Workers with the nation’s most recognized brands, today announced the acquisition of Wirkn, a leading platform in the frontline recruitment market. This strategic move to partner with shopping centers and malls allows JobGet to offer a tailored frontline solution to even more employers and job seekers.

The acquisition will enable JobGet to provide Wirkn’s extensive network of over 17,000 mall, retail, and restaurant locations with a broader reach of applicants. Unlike traditional job boards, JobGet’s app-first approach provides deeper job-seeker insights and leverages AI to match skills to jobs that job seekers might need help finding. This results in a broader reach and higher responsiveness from applicants, leading to a lower cost-per-applicant and improved hiring outcomes. JobGet’s understanding of the nuances of the everyday talent market further enhances these benefits.

Tony Liu, CEO of JobGet, explained: “We are thrilled to bring Wirkn into the JobGet network. Our commitment to the Everyday Workforce, coupled with our focus on innovation and inclusivity, makes this a strong pairing. Wirkn’s manager-friendly ATS will empower more brands to create a dedicated hiring channel for their field workforce. Together, we will enable more employers and job seekers to connect and thrive.”

Mathieu Weber, Wirkn’s CEO, commented: “This is great news for our customer base. The synergies from this acquisition will greatly benefit our mall partners and broader employer ecosystem by providing more reach for their job postings. This is an exciting step forward in our mission of streamlining hourly recruitment.”

About JobGet
Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Boston, MA, JobGet is the app for hiring Everyday Workers. The platform is uniquely positioned to support employers in sectors typically involving hourly or non-exempt roles, offering a more specialized approach. JobGet connects over 70 million everyday job seekers with the nation’s most recognized brands, including Avis, Whole Foods, and Lovesac, facilitating quick, quality hires across various industries—from retail and restaurants to manufacturing and healthcare. Delivering talent to organizations at any scale.

For more information, visit https://www.jobget.com/
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