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hireEZ and IQTalent Partner to Include On-Demand Recruiting Staff With Sourcing and CRM Platform
Apr 16, 2024
hireEZ, a CRM platform tailored for recruiters, has formed a strategic partnership with IQTalent, a leader in full-cycle talent acquisition. This collaboration brings together hireEZ's technological solutions and IQTalent's recruitment expertise to enhance hiring outcomes for HR teams. With on-demand access to IQTalent's services, hireEZ customers can leverage both advanced recruitment technology and professional support to quickly onboard teams, utilize powerful platform features, and efficiently source and recruit talent. This partnership marks a significant step in integrating technology with expert services to optimize recruitment processes and results.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.April 16, 2024-- hireEZ, the only sourcing and candidate relationship management (CRM) platform built for recruiters by recruiters, is announcing a first-of-its-kind partnership with IQTalent, a leading talent acquisition and recruitment firm for full-cycle recruiting services.

The partnership provides hireEZ customers with access to unique on-demand recruiting support from IQTalent's expert team of talent researchers, sourcers, and recruiters.

As an industry first, the partnership is an innovative move to enable recruitment technology buyers to realize the full value of their investment immediately.

"Combining our tech with IQTalent's expert services will give HR and hiring teams everything they need to improve recruiting outcomes from day one," said Steven Jiang, Co-founder and CEO at hireEZ. "Access to IQTalent's on-demand recruiting staff will help hireEZ sourcing and CRM customers onboard their teams faster, demonstrate the platform's tools and how to maximize results, all while doing the real work of finding talent for open positions, for as long as needed."

"Many TA teams are short-staffed but want to keep hiring in-house. Our on-demand services can help alleviate the pressure for hireEZ customers during high-volume periods, all while using their systems," said Chris Murdock, Founder and Chief Sourcing Officer at IQTalent. "Additionally, hireEZ users will see first-hand how best to utilize the platform's powerful features in real-world scenarios, helping recruitment teams drive even better results. Our recruiters using hireEZ are already improving hiring outcomes for customers, from doubling candidate response rates to increasing qualified talent prospects by 700% or more."

The on-demand services from IQTalent include recruiting support from candidate sourcing and research to full lifecycle recruiting, as well as expert guidance and training to help hireEZ customers introduce the hireEZ platform to their recruitment process — helping recruiters familiarize themselves with platform tools for drip campaign templates, candidate outreach, leveraging ATS data, sourcing, calendering, employment branding, recruitment analytics, and more.

Learn more at hireEZ.com.

About hireEZ
For nearly a decade, hireEZ has delivered global recruiting teams greater access to candidates with the world's first AI Sourcing solution. Today, hireEZ is the only CRM platform built for recruiters by recruiters. Empowered with industry-leading sourcing, analytics and automation, hireEZ delivers talent so recruitment teams can successfully drive acquisition.

About IQTalent
IQTalent provides full-service talent acquisition solutions on either an hourly, on-demand or contract RPO basis. Together with Caldwell, we are a technology-powered talent acquisition firm specializing in recruitment at all levels. Through the two distinct brands – Caldwell and IQTalent– the firm leverages the latest innovations in AI to offer an integrated spectrum of services from candidate research and sourcing through to full recruitment at the professional, executive and board levels, as well as a suite of talent strategy and assessment tools that can help clients hire the right people, then manage and inspire them to achieve maximum business results. Learn more at www.iqtalent.com.

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