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Greenhouse and Pave Launch Offer Insights, Unlock Real-time Talent Data With New Integration
Jun 25, 2024

Greenhouse, a leading hiring platform, has partnered with Pave, a top compensation management platform, to introduce Offer Insights. This integration delivers real-time data from over 1 million job offers, enabling talent and compensation leaders to make informed decisions and compete effectively for top talent. Launching in July 2024, Offer Insights provides crucial market data and trends to help organizations build compelling and equitable compensation strategies, enhancing their ability to attract and retain talent in a dynamic market.

Real-time Offer Insights help organizations compete for talent in an ever-changing market with timely data

NEW YORKJune 25, 2024  -- Greenhouse, the leading hiring platform, today announced its strategic partnership with Pave, the leading data-driven compensation management platform that helps companies benchmark, plan, and communicate compensation. By bringing real-time insights from over 1 million job offers, talent and compensation leaders can make more informed decisions and compete more effectively for talent. Pave's Offer Insights powered by Greenhouse will be available in July 2024.

Pave will incorporate Offer Insights powered by Greenhouse into its Market Data. The new offering provides real-time data and market trends to help talent and compensation leaders understand the hiring landscape and build compelling and equitable compensation strategies. Greenhouse's 2024 Candidate Experience Report found that candidates are ready to make moves, and compensation is a major factor in their decision-making. Close to one in every two employees (42%) said they would actively look for a new job within the next six months. Further, Historically Underrepresented candidates are 56% less likely to apply for jobs without salary transparency than white candidates. Gen Z candidates are 48% more likely to skip a job application if there's no salary range compared to talent over 54. These new insights are crucial; with access to the earliest signals of how compensation is shifting at any given time, companies can attract, win, and retain talent in a constantly changing market.

Features of Offer Insights powered by Greenhouse include:

  • Hot Jobs: Browse job families where compensation offer values have significantly increased over the past 12 months.

  • Acceptance Rate Trends: Track offer acceptance rates over time, and splice data across job family, location and level.

  • Salary Trends: Understand current and historical base salary trends, and splice data across job family, location and level.

"With a focus on ensuring teams can hire better, we're thrilled to partner with Pave, an innovative leader in compensation data," said Jeremy Moulton, VP, Corporate Development & Analytics at Greenhouse. "Pave Market Data with Offer Insights powered by Greenhouse creates the most robust candidate data set to fuel real-time insights, helping talent and compensation leaders confidently compete for talent in a competitive and dynamic market."

Matt Schulman, CEO of Pave, added: "Historically, compensation teams have benchmarked against employee data, which—regardless of age—is innately a lagging indicator. We're excited to unlock a new frontier with Greenhouse, and provide talent and compensation teams with offer data sourced directly from Greenhouse's Applicant Tracking System—a leading indicator of where the talent market is headed. With data from over 1 million offers, combined with salary data from over 7,500 companies across the globe, compensation and talent teams will have access to relevant and real-time insights to approach decisions with confidence."

Valuable insights are already emerging from Offer Insights data trends, including:

  • Machine Learning Engineers have had overall increases in offer salaries by ~25% from Q1 2023 - Q1 2024.

  • Machine Learning Engineers are consistently in demand. Even as pay has risen, their offer acceptance rates are 6-8% lower than Software Engineers and 10% lower than the market as a whole.

Valuable insights like these will be available across multiple job categories to help talent and compensation leaders allocate compensation budgets to stay competitive.

Pave Market Data, augmented with Greenhouse Offer Data, delivers a comprehensive, aggregated, anonymized compensation benchmarking solution. With this launch, Greenhouse and Pave are introducing the largest real-time offer dataset to embed a high degree of transparency, validation and confidence when it comes to compensation strategy.

Customers who participated in the beta program for this data insights feature partnership are excited to share their experiences. Margie Lee-Johnson from Addepar said: "The early data I've seen from Pave and Greenhouse gave me exactly the insights I needed—and couldn't find anywhere else—to guide key executive conversations about our machine learning hiring and compensation strategy. I got the data and validation I needed to move our strategy forward."

Greenhouse and Pave are both uniquely focused on building trust across the global labor market. By joining forces to provide businesses with real-time talent insights from 10,000+ companies, they're helping organizations make hiring measurably better so their teams can compete for the best talent on the market.

To learn more about Offer Insights powered by Greenhouse including availability, please visit www.pave.com/offer-insights.

About Greenhouse
Greenhouse is the leading hiring platform to help companies get measurably better at hiring.

With Greenhouse, organizations can ensure every hire is the right hire, taking candidates from talented prospects to top performers. Our industry-leading software brings a structured hiring approach to any company's process, helping to define the role, requirements and attributes a successful candidate should have before a job is posted, enabling internal alignment and confident decision-making. The result is more fair and equitable hiring practices combined with data-driven decisions.

We've helped over 7,500 companies across diverse industry verticals and scaling goals turn talent into a strategic advantage, so they can be ready to hire for what's next. Some of the smartest and most successful companies like HubSpot, Duolingo, Lucid Motors, Gong, J.D. Power and Scout24 use Greenhouse for data and guidance on the behaviors and capabilities they need to improve their overall hiring performance as they move up the  Hiring Maturity curve.

Greenhouse has won numerous awards including Fortune Best Workplaces, Inc. Magazine Best Workplace, Glassdoor #1 Best Place to Work, Forbes Cloud 100, Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Inc. 5000, Crain's Best Places to Work NYC and Mogul's Top 100 Workplaces for Diverse Representation.

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About Pave
Pave is the leading compensation management platform, powered by real-time data, that helps companies benchmark, plan, and communicate compensation. Pave combines real-time market data with streamlined workflows to inspire trust and confidence in every compensation decision. Trusted by over 7,500 of the world's most innovative companies, leaders rely on Pave for real-time global compensation data, compensation planning, seamless merit cycles, and to empower employees to understand the full value of their compensation. Visit Pave.com today to start building more trust and confidence in every compensation decision.

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