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Freelance.ca Acquires Workhoppers: A Major Leap in the Canadian Freelance Market
Jun 25, 2024
Freelance.ca, an emerging leader in the Canadian freelance market, has successfully acquired Workhoppers, a renowned Canadian freelancer platform. This strategic move bolsters freelance.ca's market position, enhancing its service offerings for freelancers and businesses across Canada. By integrating Workhoppers, freelance.ca aims to provide superior resources, opportunities, and a significantly larger pool of projects, reinforcing its commitment to growth and market leadership. The acquisition promises benefits for both freelancers and businesses, offering a seamless experience and improved talent matching. Key leaders from both companies express their optimism about the combined potential to revolutionize the freelance market in Canada.

QUEBEC CITY, Qc., June 25, 2024  - freelance.ca, the emerging leading online marketplace for professional freelancers in Canada, announces the successful acquisition of Workhoppers, a renowned Canadian freelancer platform. This strategic acquisition strengthens freelance.ca's position in the Canadian market and expands its portfolio of services for freelancers and businesses nationwide.

Founded in 2012, Workhoppers has established itself as a platform for flexible work and project placement. By integrating Workhoppers into its operations, freelance.ca boosts its platform, providing superior resources and opportunities for both freelancers and companies. This acquisition will significantly enhance the services and opportunities accessible to users, making freelance.ca the go-to platform for all freelance needs in Canada.

"We are delighted with the acquisition of Workhoppers and are convinced that this represents a win-win situation for all parties involved," says Simon Gravel, CEO of freelance.ca. "This development aims to establish us as a leader in the Canadian freelancer market and will enable us to offer our growing community an average of 100 new projects daily by the end of the year."

"Acquiring Workhoppers was a strategic decision driven by our commitment to the Canadian freelance scene, but also to growth and market leadership. We recognized the synergy between our two companies and the potential to accelerate our growth," added Mr. Gravel.

The acquisition accelerates freelance.ca's mission to expand and create a leading platform for freelancers and businesses. By harnessing the strengths of Workhoppers, the platform will give its users many benefits such as access to a significantly larger number of projects, as well as the expanded pool of skilled freelancers available to Canadian businesses. This enables them to find the right talent for their specific needs more efficiently, resulting in greater opportunities and success for all users.

"We are excited to join the freelance family. I love the freelance.ca team, their vision for the future, and their model that has been so successful in Europe," said Linda Singer, Co-founder of Workhoppers. "The Workhoppers community will benefit from the continued development of the freelance.ca team as it expands its network across Canada and the rest of the world." added Singer.

"This acquisition will give Workhoppers the necessary resources to effectively serve not only its community of freelancers, but also the businesses looking to hire freelancers." stated Vera Gavizon, the Co-founder of Workhoppers.

With this acquisition, freelance.ca demonstrates its dedication to not only growing within the market but also investing in it. The company is poised to lead the freelancing industry in Canada, providing top-tier services to freelancers and businesses.
About freelance.ca

freelance.ca is an emerging leader in connecting businesses with talented freelance professionals across Canada. As the newest extension of a larger global network, they continue to differentiate themselves by matching highly skilled freelancers with projects that require significant experience and expertise. The platform ensures a seamless and efficient experience for both freelancers and companies. For more visit freelance.ca
About Workhoppers

Workhoppers is a leading freelancing platform that connects skilled professionals with businesses in need of their expertise. Known for its user-friendly interface and robust service offerings, Workhoppers has been a trusted name in the freelancing community. Workhoppers uses a unique matching algorithm to connect businesses with the right professionals for temporary, freelance, part-time, and work-from-home positions, offering flexibility and saving companies time and money. For more visit workhoppers.com

SOURCE freelance.ca

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