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Fountain Launches New AI Products to Help Customers Manage Frontline Workforce
May 15, 2024
Fountain, the leading platform for frontline workforce management, has introduced four new products: Fountain Assist, Fountain I-9 Center, Fountain Reach, and Fountain Communicate. These tools are designed to enhance hiring, onboarding, and engagement processes for frontline workers. Utilizing AI and automation, Fountain's platform helps companies quickly hire qualified candidates, streamline form completion, and maintain effective communication with employees. The new products cater to the evolving needs of the labor market, especially the tech-savvy Gen Z workers. Early adopters in various sectors are already seeing significant benefits, such as improved hiring efficiency and increased applicant volume.

The AI-powered platform’s set of technology products helps companies better hire, retain, and support frontline workers

SAN FRANCISCO---Fountain, the leading enterprise platform for frontline workforce management, today launched a set of new products–Fountain AssistFountain I-9 Center, Fountain Reach, and Fountain Communicate–to help companies achieve their goals for hiring, managing, and retaining frontline workers. Using Fountain’s technology, customers benefit from faster hiring, more efficient onboarding, and a better experience for frontline employees.

The labor market for frontline workers has undergone a significant shift—job demand has increased while technology has made it easier than ever for workers to change jobs. While nearly 70% of the global workforce holds frontline jobs, there are millions of openings, and more options mean increased competition among companies looking to hire and retain these workers. Additionally, a rising cohort of digitally native Gen Z workers are pursuing frontline roles and expect joining a company and interacting with management to be equally tech-savvy. Fountain developed these products to help businesses excel in this new normal.

Fountain’s platform provides companies with the technology and strategic insights to improve their frontline workforce management, with four new products that include:

  • Fountain Assist: Leverages Fountain's state-of-the-art AI and automation tools to deliver qualified, interested, and available talent to meet their hiring needs. With no integration, customers can start with Fountain Assist in one day and remain focused on growing their business.

  • Fountain Reach: Helps customers find the right workers fast, surfacing hidden talent by moving beyond traditional job boards via social and search.

  • Fountain I-9 Center: Helps customers validate and complete I-9 and W-4 forms with increased accuracy and speed using OCR technology and a user-friendly mobile app.

  • Fountain Communicate: Enables customers to dynamically engage with past, present, and future workers using targeted campaigns.

Early pilot customers in the logistics, healthcare, and retail sectors are already seeing major benefits in their frontline workforce management workflows. With Fountain Assist, a large, global e-commerce company saw a 100% improvement in their interview no-show rate within two weeks of adding the tool for completing phone screens. One of the largest grocery retailers in the US increased applicant volume 3x with Assist.

Fountain Reach pilot customers are finding unique candidates to meet their hiring goals. For one partner, the number of highly qualified applicants jumped more than 150% in just over a month.

“The need for a modern, easy-to-use solution for better managing the frontline workforce is evident across economies and industries. These latest products from Fountain—Assist, Reach, I-9 Center, and Communicate—were designed to meet the needs of companies hiring frontline workers at scale, while enabling them to find and retain the best talent to build their business,” said Sean Behr, CEO, Fountain. “At Fountain, we've helped hundreds of companies hire millions of workers across the globe, and we're thrilled to leverage our frontline expertise and expand our products to help businesses onboard talent quickly, engage with their teams effectively, and ultimately reduce turnover.”


Fountain is the leading enterprise platform for frontline workforce management. The Fountain platform enables companies to support their frontline workers from application to departure. We elevate the hire, manage, and retain frontline workers at scale, with technology that amplifies the work of talent leaders, streamlining workflows and better engaging candidates. Fountain is used by hundreds of customers and millions of workers around the world. To learn more, visit Fountain at www.fountain.com and follow us on LinkedIn and X.

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