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Deel Extends Strategic Investment in Alviere to Enhance U.S. Worker Payments
May 28, 2024
Alviere, an embedded finance platform provider, has announced that Deel, a global HR and payroll company, has extended its strategic investment with Alviere to enhance U.S. payments. This partnership aims to provide international contractors in the U.S. with faster, more flexible payouts and a wallet solution. By integrating Alviere's technology and compliance program, Deel enhances its commitment to compliance and flexibility, offering seamless HR and payroll experiences. Alviere's regulated financial institution status ensures compliance, security, and fraud prevention, adding an extra layer of KYB/AML review. The collaboration empowers workers with more payment options, including virtual and physical cards with Apple Pay capabilities, ensuring faster payouts with lower fees. This partnership strengthens Deel's global payments coverage, facilitating job creation worldwide.

Partnership further bolsters flexibility, speed, and compliance of payments experience

DENVERMay 28, 2024  -- Alviere, the leading embedded finance platform provider, announced that global HR and payroll company Deel has extended its strategic investment with its company to empower U.S. payments. The partnership further bolsters Deel's commitment to unrivaled compliance and flexibility for international contractors in the U.S., giving them faster and more streamlined payouts and a wallet solution. Together, Alviere and Deel aim to become a key innovative solution in the payroll and tax payments space.

Alviere's technology and compliance program has already been integrated into the Deel platform, giving Deel customers and their teams a seamless HR & payroll experience. Alviere's strong compliance reputation, being closer to payment rails, and giving U.S. workers more choices in this new era of global work are the main reasons Deel chose Alviere.

As a regulated financial institution, Alviere prioritizes compliance, security, and fraud prevention, providing Deel with an added layer of KYB/AML review.

Deel's solution with Alviere further empowers workers to work the way they want to and get paid the way they prefer. Alviere's comprehensive set of financial products - from worker payouts, to a wallet solution with a virtual and physical card attached — including Apple Pay capabilities — mean more choice and convenience for Deel customers and their teams. It also means faster and more seamless payouts with lower fees.

"Moving money around in a compliant, fast, and flexible way isn't easy, but today's increasingly global workforce demands easy solutions," said Philippe Bouaziz, CFO of Deel. "Alviere's strong compliance and breadth of financial products make it more seamless for global companies to hire and pay in the U.S., and this partnership completes our global payments coverage. This is an important focus for Deel as we aim to accelerate job creation for companies worldwide."

Alviere co-founder and CEO, Pedro Silva, emphasized the critical nature of the Deel solution, "We're excited to be working with one of the world's most innovative HR and payroll providers. The combination of the Deel vision and our capabilities allows companies worldwide to more easily hire, pay, and retain key talent — all with the utmost security and compliance."

About Alviere
With Alviere, organizations can offer financial products to drive customer engagement, generate new revenue streams, and improve existing financial flows. The Alviere HIVE platform offers an extensive range of configurable, branded financial products, including accounts & wallets, card issuance, streamlined payments, and global money transfers. Alviere brings together technology and program support with the trust of a licensed financial institution to assure the safety, flexibility, and long-term viability of client programs. For more information, visit Alviere.com.

About Deel
Deel is the all-in-one HR and payroll platform for global teams. It helps companies simplify every aspect of managing a workforce, from onboarding, compliance and performance management, to global payroll, HRIS and immigration support. Deel works for independent contractors and full-time employees in more than 150 countries, compliantly. And getting set up takes just a few minutes. For more information, visit Deel.com.

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