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CloudPay Launches In-App Mobile Payslip Functionality to Enhance Employee Pay Experience
Jun 10, 2024
CloudPay, a global leader in payroll solutions, announced the introduction of a new digital payslip feature in its employee app, CloudPay NOW. This enhancement allows employees to easily access and manage their payslips and year-end tax documents, enhancing the pay visibility and easing the workload on payroll departments. Additionally, the app includes a pay-on-demand service that provides immediate access to earned wages, further promoting financial well-being. With these innovations, CloudPay aims to redefine employee engagement and set new industry standards for flexible payroll services. The company continues its commitment to simplifying payroll processes and providing comprehensive solutions that address the evolving needs of the workplace.

RALEIGH, N.C.---CloudPay, the global leader in payroll solutions, has announced the launch of its new in-app digital payslip functionality. Accessed via the employee experience app CloudPay NOW, the new capability allows employees to seamlessly view, manage, and download their payslips anytime, anywhere. The global payroll provider continues to set the industry standard for the employee pay experience through innovative technology that brings a seamless experience for its users.

The introduction of the in-app digital payslip functionality dramatically streamlines and simplifies several payroll processes and offers key benefits, including:

  • Enhancing pay visibility for employees, allowing them to independently access their payslips and easing the burden on payroll departments.

  • Allowing employees to access and download year-end tax documents within the app, simplifying financial management for both employees and payroll teams.

  • Managing employee departures by granting extended leaver access to facilitate the payslip and tax document collection.

For employers, in addition to saving time and resources, these enhancements translate into a workforce that is more satisfied and engaged, as employees no longer need to navigate cumbersome processes to find their financial information.

Beyond simplifying access to pay information with digital payslips, the CloudPay NOW app integrates with CloudPay's pay-on-demand feature. This grants employees immediate access to their earned wages and promotes financial well-being with in-app support, offering a holistic pay experience. As the sole global provider of pay-on-demand solutions, CloudPay is setting a new standard in flexible, on-demand payroll services.

“This launch is a testament to CloudPay’s commitment to simplifying payroll processes, enhancing transparency, and delivering a seamless pay experience,” said EVP of Product Matt Hillier. “By enabling immediate access to payslips and tax documents, alongside our pay-on-demand service, we are empowering employees and employers alike with unprecedented control and flexibility. Our mobile-first strategy takes a stride towards redefining employee engagement and satisfaction in the digital age, setting a new global standard for the payroll industry.”

The introduction of CloudPay’s digital payslip functionality is the first in a series of planned self-service enhancements, marking the beginning of a new chapter in payroll management innovation. This initiative, along with significant partnerships with Perkbox and Claro Wellbeing, complements CloudPay's strategy to offer comprehensive solutions that address evolving workplace needs.

For additional information on CloudPay NOW and the new in-app payslip functionality, visit www.cloudpay.com/cloudpay-now-app.

About CloudPay

CloudPay is an organization united by a single purpose – to modernize the payroll experience for business and people, raising the importance of payroll beyond an operational function to become a true business advantage. With a proud heritage of over 25 years, we are trusted to manage the payroll processes of 250 global organizations, processing over 2.5 million payslips a year in over 130 countries, handling over $24 billion of payments in 168 currencies. Our integrated portfolio of payroll, payments and pay on-demand solutions are delivered through a single cloud-based platform that can be deployed anywhere in the world. By unifying payroll, payments and HCM functions and leveraging the latest technology, we can transform pay processes, making them fast and friction-free. To learn more, visit: www.cloudpay.com.
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