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Chronus Acquires Imperative to Help Employers Tackle Missing Driver of Employee Engagement - A Sense of Purpose
Jun 5, 2024
Chronus, an employee development platform specializing in mentorship and ERG management, has acquired Imperative, a platform focused on employee engagement through meaningful 1:1 conversations. This acquisition aims to address employee engagement challenges by helping employees define and activate their purpose at work. Imperative’s Purpose Assessment and guided conversation technology will integrate with Chronus to deliver personalized insights and enhance user engagement. This strategic move positions Chronus as a leader in fostering organizational connectedness, addressing the critical need for purpose activation in the workplace.

The acquisition better positions Chronus to offer solutions that holistically tackle ongoing challenges around employee engagement by helping employees define and activate their purpose at work

SEATTLEJune 5, 2024 -- Chronus, an employee-driven development platform providing mentorship and ERG management, today announces the acquisition of Imperative, an employee engagement platform that leverages the power of meaningful 1:1 conversations to help employees own their career through the lens of purpose.

"We are thrilled to bring our two companies together. Uniting efforts will allow us to navigate employee purpose, which is incredibly important to today's workers and critical in driving engagement and employee productivity," said David Satterwhite, CEO at Chronus. "Now more than ever, employees crave connection and value alignment with their jobs. Combining our mentoring and development offerings with Imperative's Purpose IP will further enable us to serve our purpose of helping employees and companies to reach their greatest potential by addressing the employee engagement crisis head on."

The addition of Imperative's software solutions will enable Chronus to:

  • deliver personalized insights for employees and their employers through a proprietary Purpose Assessment that unlocks individual drivers of purpose

  • grow user engagement through guided conversation technology

  • provide Chronus customers the ability to track the ongoing impact of purpose-aligned, guided conversations on employee engagement

A natural alignment, the acquisition further elevates Chronus as the market leader in developing organizational connectedness.

Founded in 2014, Imperative is a purpose activation platform leveraged by enterprise companies such as WebMD, Roche and GE. Their proprietary Purpose Assessment, combined with a decade of research on purpose at work, provides the tools for every employee to own their career fulfillment through the lens of what matters most: building meaningful relationships, making an impact that matters, and growing personally and professionally.

Today, 63% of employees want their employer to provide more opportunities for purpose in their day-to-day work. Yet, a stark "purpose gap" exists between upper management and those on the front lines. With Imperative's platform capabilities, Chronus can help employers address the critical need for purpose activation, silo-busting and change management, leading to a more engaged workforce.

"It is a gift to join forces with a company who shares our belief in the importance of purpose and meaningful connection at work," said Nicole Resch, Co-founder and Head of Growth at Imperative. "By incorporating our actionable Purpose IP with Chronus' market-leading mentoring and ERG platform, we are building a space together that activates employee fulfillment, development and purpose."

"Imperative offers a distinct advantage for our employees. It provides a platform for them to articulate and support their personal purpose at work, thereby enhancing their fulfillment and direction," said Hemerson Paes, Senior Global Network Catalyst at Roche. "Our internal surveys, which involved over 1,000 colleagues, have shown that aligning daily tasks with personal purpose leads to thriving, reduced workload, and improved work-life balance. By fostering a community that supports employees in discovering and applying their personal purpose, we anticipate a significant boost in their well-being, motivation, and productivity."

Imperative's Purpose Assessment will be available for current Chronus customers in the next few months and will help facilitate purpose-enhanced matching within mentoring programs. Chronus will fully integrate Imperative's technology into the Chronus platform over the next year, ensuring a smooth transition for current Imperative customers. All Imperative employees have been integrated within the Chronus workforce, and are fully operational with new teams.


Chronus is the leading employee-driven development platform, providing enterprise-ready solutions designed to tackle workplace disengagement and employee turnover. Offering an innovative approach that fosters connection, shared learning and growth through mentoring and ERGs, Chronus empowers organizations to build resilience and success by ensuring employees feel connected, understood, and developed.

A standout in the market because of its scalability, simplicity, leading security protocols and inclusive connectivity, Chronus has successfully partnered with major brands and progressive companies for almost two decades. Chronus has delivered remarkable results for companies like Amazon, LVMH, University of Washington, ExxonMobil, NBCUniversal, Baker Tilly, Zendesk, eBay and Paychex.

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