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CareerArc Acquires Recruitment Video Platform Lumina
Apr 3, 2024
CareerArc , a leading force in social recruiting solutions, has significantly expanded its capabilities by acquiring Lumina, the premier SaaS platform for producing visual job postings at scale. This strategic move not only enhances CareerArc's offerings in automated video content creation but also addresses a critical challenge in talent acquisition: engaging content creation. With Lumina's technology, CareerArc aims to empower employers to attract more job seekers through dynamic and engaging video postings, thereby optimizing their recruitment marketing efforts across social media and job boards. Early reports from Fortune 500 companies and top healthcare systems show a marked increase in job applications and engagement, underscoring the impact of visual content. This acquisition signifies a pivotal step towards integrating content creation with distribution, setting a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in recruitment marketing.

Burbank, CA – April 3, 2024 – CareerArc announced this week that it has acquired Lumina, the #1 SaaS platform for generating visual job postings at scale.

The acquisition reflects an aggressive investment in automated video creation as CareerArc takes a major step towards alleviating one of the greatest challenges for talent acquisition teams in their recruitment marketing efforts: content creation.

The addition of automated video creation, powered by Lumina, makes CareerArc a more powerful player for employers looking to attract job seekers and optimize their job postings for sharing on social media.

“On Facebook, we’ve seen a 40% increase in applications as well as a 50-60% increase in engagement when we use Lumina videos,” reported a Fortune 500 staffing and recruiting agency.

A top healthcare system in the United States activated the Lumina integration within CareerArc and reported, “more engagement, more job clicks per post, and better reach than a traditional static post.”

Beyond social media, Lumina Visual Job Postings can be embedded into job boards and career pages to elevate the employer brand and increase applications. A global pharmaceutical company embedded a Lumina video into a posting on a major job board and saw the apply rate for that role increase from 12.13% to 28.28%.

“Video is powerful. For employers, the hurdle has always been creating video at scale, quickly, and affordably. Lumina’s mission was to solve that problem with technology and we’ve succeeded. Looking forward, it became clear that the next big challenge was distribution; that’s where CareerArc came in, initially as a partner, then as an acquirer. By pairing content and distribution, we’re taking two industry-leading players and bringing them together to deliver greater value to the market,” said Brian Forrester, CEO of CareerArc and Founder of Lumina.

Following the Lumina acquisition, CareerArc will continue pushing for innovations that make employment content creation easier and more accessible. Significant updates are expected to launch on the CareerArc platform later this year.

Please feel free to submit any media requests or contact us regarding the CareerArc Lumina acquisition via this page.

About CareerArc

Founded in 2009, CareerArc has over a decade of experience helping the world’s largest, most exciting brands transform their social media presence into a strategic source of hire. CareerArc’s social recruiting software and services give talent acquisition teams the power to communicate their employer brand at scale and drive meaningful brand awareness, affinity, and engagement to achieve their critical hiring demands and recruiting goals.

You can visit www.lumina.co to play with the Lumina platform.
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