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Aya Healthcare's Bold Leap: Acquiring UK's ID Medical to Revolutionize Global Healthcare Staffing
Jan 16, 2024
Aya Healthcare, a major player in US healthcare staffing, has marked a significant expansion by acquiring ID Medical, a key healthcare service provider in the UK. This strategic move, led by Aya's President and CEO, Alan Braynin, aims to foster a cross-Atlantic collaboration, leveraging strengths from both companies. Aya's advanced technology and solutions will now be deployed in the UK, while ID Medical's expertise in staff bank management and locum tenens will enhance US operations. This merger promises to bring about transformative changes in healthcare staffing, with a focus on efficiency and best practice sharing across two major healthcare markets.

SAN DIEGO Aya Healthcare, the largest healthcare talent software and staffing company in the United States, today announced the acquisition of ID Medical, a leading workforce solutions provider in the United Kingdom (U.K.). ID Medical brings over 20 years of experience providing the National Health Service (NHS) and other healthcare organizations with innovative workforce solutions, including workforce management, international recruitment and temporary healthcare staffing.

As part of the acquisition, ID Medical will make Aya Healthcare’s market-leading technology available to the NHS and U.K.-based clinicians. The companies plan to share best practices from each market with their respective clients.

“We are excited about ID Medical joining the Aya family of brands. We believe that we will deliver enhanced value to our respective clients and clinicians through this cross-Atlantic collaboration,” said Alan Braynin, president and CEO of Aya Healthcare.

ID Medical will continue to operate as its own brand in the U.K., supporting thousands of healthcare professionals and hundreds of healthcare organizations.

“We are excited to join Aya in our shared mission to transform the healthcare industry worldwide,” said Deenu Patel, CEO of ID Medical. “With Aya’s support, we’ll have access to additional resources, technology and expertise to enhance our services and expand our impact.”

To learn more about ID Medical, visit: https://www.id-medical.com/.

About Aya Healthcare

Aya Healthcare is the largest healthcare talent software and staffing company in the United States. Aya operates the world’s largest digital staffing platform delivering every component of healthcare-focused labor services, including travel nursing and allied health, per diem, permanent staff hiring, interim leadership, locum tenens and non-clinical professionals. Aya’s software suite, which includes vendor management, float pool technology, provider services and predictive analytics, provides hospital systems greater efficiencies, superior operating results and reduced labor costs. While technology drives efficiency and scale, Aya’s 7,000+ global employees power the company to deliver unparalleled accountability and exceptional experiences for clients and clinicians. Aya’s company culture is rooted in giving back and supports organizations around food security, education, healthcare, safe shelter and equity. To learn more about Aya Healthcare, visit www.ayahealthcare.com.
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